Spitsbergen Retraced | Sources/Publications
Researching, mountaineering and skiing in the High Arctic, following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking 1923 Oxford University Arctic Expedition.
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Listed below are the sources from which the photographic and the literary content of the website has been derived. In evidence are also those publications resulting from the 1923 expedition.


Primary Sources


C.Elton, Diaries (trans. C.Pond)
A.C. Irvine, Diaries (trans. J. Summers)
G.Milling, Diaries (trans. J.Summers)
N.E.Odell, Journal (trans. J.Gardiner)
G. Summers, Journal (trans. J.Gardiner)


Secondary Sources


H.Carr, The Irvine Diaries (Reading, 1979)
R. Frazer and E. Relf, ‘Central Spitsbergen and North East Land’, Geographical Journal 64 (1924)
N.E.Odell, ‘Exploration of the Eastern Mountains of Spitsbergen’, Alpine Journal, 35, (1923)
N.E. Odell, ‘Notes on the Oxford University expedition to Spitsbergen’, Alpine Journal, 34, (1921)
N.E. Odell, ‘Preliminary notes on the geology of the Eastern Parts of Spitsbergen’, Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, 62 (1927)
C.M.Pond, ‘Charles Elton’s Accounts of Expeditions from Oxford to the Arctic in the 1920s’, Arctic 68.ii (2015)
J. Summers, Fearless on Everest: the quest for Sandy Irvine (Iffley, 2000)


With thanks to: the Alpine Club, Merton College Archives, the Royal Geographical Society, the Scott Polar Research Institute


With special thanks to: Julie Summers